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 The products of Realmax focus on implementing Augmented Reality using smartphones, web-browsers and wearable devices. Realmax technology is powering a wide range of applications for enterprise, marketing, retail, publishing and education sectors in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. We created the exclusive Fast Augmented Reality cloud service “Hootuu” and the patented “MagiColoringAR painting” technology targeting the kids education market.



We are a full-service Augmented reality provider!

Augmented Reality SDK

Augmented Reality SDK

We offer our very own bullet proof SDK so you can integrate Augmented Reality into your current projects with ease.

Tailor made solutions

Tailor made solutions

We offer complete customization.
Adding AR to your existing products has never been this easy and cost effective.

Augmented Reality OS

Augmented Reality OS

Changing the way.
What used to demand complex programming can now be done with a few clicks.

Our Vision

Opening the world of augmented reality

Maximize Reality

Our vision is to open up the INNOVATIVE, INSPIRING & IMMERSIVE world of Augmented Reality to everyone.

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