Kids Book
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Kids Book

Make learning a great fun for children


Makes learning fun for children

Designed for preschool or people who is interested in learning a language using an easy and visual card method. The Kid’s book has a variety of themes, multi-lingual voices and interactive 3D content to enhance children’s observation, thinking and memory to get the best learning results.

Rich color illustration
Built-in variety series of lovely colorful pictures of animals, insects, fruits , tools and many more topics makes the learning process intuitive and fun.

Lifelike interactive design
The images displayed in this application are using new 3D image technology. Images comes to life with movements and sounds and users can interact with the graphics by zooming in and out, rotating and viewing them from any angle. Let your kids experience a new joyful way of learning about our world!

Bilingual pronunciation
Each lovely color object comes with bilingual voice, so that your child not only recognize the image but also the spoken vocabulary! The voice and vocabulary is constantly expanded and improved upon to bring as many different languages as we can, making learning more accessible to a wider audience.

Fun photo taking with the 3D images
Using the built-in camera in your device and this application, you can take photos with the 3D image. Adding another fun extra, aside learning a language.